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The Deadly Intersection of Labor Exploitation and Climate Change

Sonali Kolhatkar

In San Bernardino, California, where retail giant Amazon has a massive warehouse and fulfillment center, daily temperatures reached triple digits for the majority of days in July and have been dangerously hot all summer. Workers with the Inland Empire Amazon Workers United (IEAWU) protested the dangerous conditions and complained to CAL-OSHA, the state’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health. One worker, Daniel Rivera, told Fox11, “Amazon’s main focus is production. Safety is not the priority until it’s too late.”

What we are witnessing with such increasingly common instances is capitalism-induced climate change intersecting with capitalism-induced labor exploitation. It’s a deadly combination and one that is being discussed in ways that obscure its causes and solutions.

How White Leftists Hide The Point of Production From The Rest of Us

UC Workers/Union Against State Violence

The true point of production has been hidden from Africans and other colonized peoples of the world. And the white left is guilty of hiding it.

My Great-Uncle Was Shot at the Memorial Day Massacre. Why Was This Working Class History Silenced?

Carol Quirke

You might think that, having been raised a mile from where10workers were killed and30more were shot by police while picketing a steel plant, I would have heard of such a tragedy. More confounding, my great-uncle, Eddie Marasovic, was wounded by a police bullet in that violent affair that would become known as a massacre. Yet I knew nothing of it.It happened in May,1937, before I was born, on the prairie outside the Republic Steel plant on Chicago’s East Side.


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