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Sociology: A Guide to Action or to Analysis in the Global Climate Change Crisis? A Call for Action by the Social Sciences and the Humanities

Kim Scipes

Argues that it's time for professional organizations, and especially in sociology, to quit their "business as usual" operations and focus on the climate change crisis.ies

The Only Commonality is Uncommonality: Progressive Protest from Below since the Mid-1980s

Kim Scipes

Noting the extensive number of progrssive protests, mobilizations, and social disruptions from below since the mid-1980s, not just in the US but around the world, this article suggests that what is going on is the expansion of the global economic and social justice movement, a bottom-up form of globalization.  It suggests that this is, ultimately, a rejection of industrial civilization itself.  And it points out, through an examination of the effects of climate change, that the continued existence of industrial civilization is imposing a burden on the peoples of the world that far outweighs its benefits, and suggests that protests will expand as more and more people understand the costs of industrial civilization.

An Open Letter to Climate Activists in the Northwoods…and Beyond

Aimée Cree Dunn

... averting climate change is not going stop the global collapse of the planet as we know it.  Don’t get me wrong.  Climate change is a global emergency and will cause tremendous damage, and, in fact, already has for many. But the thing is, massive, global-scale destruction has been going on for a long time even before climate change. ...addressing climate change using the values and viewpoints of this Western culture will only exacerbate the problem.  The disease powered by solar fields is still the same disease that is powered by coal.

Six problems for Green Deals

Mark H Burton

If nothing else, the last few months have heightened awareness of the desperately parlous predicament that now faces humanity, with an accelerating climate and ecological crisis. So attempts to design assertive policy proposals are very welcome. The Green New Deal is the one that currently is getting the most attention and perhaps traction. So I want to ask some critical questions that generally seem to be ignored in the infectious enthusiasm for the idea. In doing that I’ll also be rehearsing some insights from the degrowth perspective.


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