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Review: “The Future Is Degrowth” – How to Stop And Replace Terracidal Capitalism

Dr Gideon Polya

Mindless, blind growth driven by neoliberal capitalism is destroying the Biosphere and the very basis of Humanity’s existence. “The Future is Degrowth. A Guide to a World Beyond Capitalism” by Matthias Schmelzer, Andrea Vetter and Aaron Vansintjan [1] is a highly referenced and documented summary of the views of proponents of economic degrowth as an urgently needed replacement for capitalism. The Eurocentric notion of the 1600s onwards Enlightenment involved the European advent of science based on data acquisition, reason, and the progressive selection of better models of reality.  However the opening of this Pandora’s Box resulted not just in humanitarian benefits from science (e.g. in medicine, agriculture and industry) but also malignant consequences in terms of colonialism, exploitation, horrendously deadly wars, genocide, mass speciescide, mass ecocide, and now the real prospect this century of decimation of Humanity and the Biosphere by nuclear weapons and climate change.