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Reading the Mess the Democrats Have Made

Patrick Lawrence

Democrats have emerged since Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 as a party of liberal authoritarians intent on imposing their political hegemony. Nothing is out of bounds.  Democrats are determined to stand a candidate in 2024 whose senility has been publicly on display for the past two years.  The party hierarchy has already declared Biden will not face any challenger in a primary debate—an openly antidemocratic regression without precedent.  Biden, who carried the Ukraine portfolio during his years as Barack Obama’s vice-president, went to work provoking a war between Ukraine and Russia—a proxy war, of course—as soon as he took office.  The Hunter Biden affair could now prove to be Biden’s greatest vulnerability—and so the Democratic Party’s. The House Oversight Committee is looking at documents directly implicating the president in bribery schemes that brought the Biden family $17 million during Joe’s time as Obama’s veep. A federal judge in Delaware has thrown back Hunter’s disgraceful plea bargain, rejecting the preposterous provision that the president’s son be immune from all future findings of corruption.  As the Democratic Party has reconstituted itself in response to the Clinton defeat seven years ago, it is neither democratic nor, given how it operates, properly a party. It is a diabolic machine built to seize and hold power without reference to law or institutional integrity.  Should the corruption charges mount such that denial and games of pretend are no longer feasible, Biden may resort to a major, all-bets-are-off escalation in Ukraine such that the mess at home gets shoved into the background.