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From Nazi Blitzkriegs to ADHD Treatment: What Stimulant Drugs Can and Cannot Do

Bruce E. Levine

Early in World War II, the highly effective Nazi blitzkriegs were very much dependent on a Wehrmacht juiced up on the methamphetamine Pervitin... Hitler admired American eugenics policies as well as American psychostimulant use, and Nazi Germany ultimately would surpass the United States in both areas... When humans are forced to be cogs in a machine—be it a war machine, a workplace machine, or a school machine—we need to become more machinelike, which can be expedited by some psychostimulant drugs... With caffeine and nicotine, we are likely to retain our emotional awareness; however, with methylphenidate, amphetamine, and methamphetamine, our angst or anguish can be eliminated—making these three drugs better suited to create efficient cogs in war, workplace, and school machines... Breaking this down by age: among 2–5 year olds diagnosed with ADHD, 18% were taking some type of ADHD drug; among diagnosed 6–11 year olds, 69% were being medicated; and among diagnosed 12–17 year olds, 62% were being medicated.