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Africans’ Message To Imperialism: ‘We Are Not Your Flunkies!’

Mark P. Fancher

In a remarkable display of independence, South Africa defied NATO on February 24th when it conducted naval drills with Russia and China on the first anniversary of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine... Obbey Mabena, a veteran of the ANC’s armed wing, while not speaking for the South African government, told CNN: “By default, we are on the side of Russia. And to us Ukraine [is] what we call a sell-out. It is selling out to the west.”  Mabena went on to say South Africa’s posture is rooted in the struggle against apartheid, explaining that when South Africa’s people rose against a white minority settler regime, the then-Soviet Union “…was ready to give us everything that we needed. Give us food, they gave us uniforms, they trained us, they gave us weapons. For the first time we came across white people who treated us as equals.”