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NLG letter to Venezuelan president Maduro on detention of left opposition leaders as presidential election approaches

National Lawyers Guild

The National Lawyers Guild, the largest and oldest human rights bar association in the United States, has been a vocal supporter of the Bolivarian Project and its fraud-proof electoral process since we sent our first delegation to Venezuela in 2006.  We have steadfastly opposed the longstanding drumbeat of illegal intervention by the United States in Venezuela, as well as the U.S.-supported attacks against Venezuela’s sovereignty by Luis Almagro, in violation of his current role as Secretary General of the Organization of American States.  We have strongly supported mediation efforts between the Venezuelan government and the non-violent segments of the opposition, and are well aware of the toxic

Toward an Ecologically Based Post-Capitalism: Interview With Novelist Kim Stanley Robinson

Javier Sethness

Javier Sethness interviews science fiction novelist Kim Stanley Robinson about the post-capitalist future explored in his books.


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