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A Palestinian village in 1948: Anatomy of an Israeli massacre

Salman Abu Sitta, Daleen Saah

The Israeli record of war crimes since 1948 has been unparalleled in its multiplicity, severity, consistency, and duration for over seven decades. Over all this time, Israel has escaped the world's legal accountability, other than occasional motions of censure. Today, however, there are signs that this could change. 

Are Zionists the Same as Nazis?

Ali Abunimah and Tamara Nassar

Jewish rioters lynching an Arab man in the city of Bat Yam. Crazy photo by Reuven Castro

The messages were released in the context of recent attacks by extremist Jewish Israelis on Palestinians, their homes and businesses as Israel escalated its attacks on the occupied West Bank and Gaza over the last week.

“We are no longer Jews today,” one user wrote in a Telegram group titled “People from Holon, Bat Yam and Rishon Lezion go out to bring war.”

From Rafael Correa to Guillermo Lasso via Lenin Moreno

Eric Toussaint

The election of Lasso as president opens a new stage in the implementation of policies that will be even more favourable to Ecuadorian Big Capital, to foreign multinational corporations, to an alliance among right-wing presidents in Latin America and to the pursuit or indeed reinforcement of US domination on the continent. The election outcome on 11 April 2021 is a dark signal for the popular side. In order to understand why a significant part of of the popular side refused to vote for Arauz to defeat Lasso, we have to examine the policies implemented by Rafael Correa after he was reelected president in 2010.


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