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How to Argue With Your Comrades

Hadas Thier

My own history within a Trotksyist organization taught me that favoring one (sharp debates) at the expense of the other (respect) creates bitterness that can fester for years, leaving long-term damage on individuals and organizations alike. We need all the comrades and allies we’ve got, and our disagreements and differences — if we’re not engaging in scorched-earth campaigns against one another — could actually strengthen us.

Stop Trying to Shame Socialists Into Voting for Joe Biden. It’s Not Going to Work.

Paul Heideman

The New York Times attack yesterday on socialists who won’t endorse Joe Biden isn’t actually about convincing socialists to vote for him — it’s about performatively denouncing leftists as irresponsible, for the edification of the liberals who are watching.

Ecological and Social Planning and Transition

Michael Löwy

The socio-ecological transition – toward an ecosocialist alternative – implies public control of the principal means of production and democratic planning. Decisions concerning investment and technological change must be taken away from the banks and capitalist businesses, if we want them to serve the common good of society and respect for the environment.

Karl Marx The Irresistible Karl Marx

Avijit Pathak

I am not a Marxist. As a wanderer, it is difficult for me to remain confined to any particular school of thought; I love to live with epistemological pluralism and what Paul Feyerabend would have regarded as an ‘anarchist theory of knowledge’. Moreover, I am not very easy with reductionism, determinism, or a ‘science’ that seeks to explore the ‘inexorable laws of history’. And I see immense possibilities in those who are not necessarily the champions of ‘scientific socialism’—say, the likes of Thoreau and Gandhi.

Yet, I have no hesitation in saying that Karl Marx is irresistible. Hence, even at this moment of pandemic-induced despair, I feel like invoking him on his birth anniversary.

Socialists Shouldn’t Endorse Joe Biden

Andrew Sernatinger

The choices in this election are not good ones, at least as they’re presented (Trump or Biden). The position DSA took is this: as an organization, we will not legitimize Joe Biden or any of the other candidates put forward by the Democratic Party establishment. An endorsement is just that: public approval, and in politics, it usually entails committing some resources. DSA will not do that. Individual members are free to vote as they please, but the organization will maintain independence.

Ranked-Choice Voting: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Howie Hawkins

If McKibben wants RCV to be an issue in the 2020 presidential election, he should support the Green Party. As a climate activist, he should support the Green Party because we are the only option on the ballot for a full-strength Green New Deal to zero out carbon emissions with 100% clean energy by 2030. RCV is not anywhere on Joe Biden’s agenda. Biden’s “all-of-the-above” energy policy is what McKibben has devoted his life to opposing. If we don’t vote for what we want, how are we ever going to get it?

We Need a Collective Response to the Collective Dilemma of Coronavirus

David Harvey

For this reason, technological dynamism is embedded within the heart of a capitalist society. Marx recognized this from the Communist Manifesto (written in 1848) onward. This is one of the prime forces that explains the permanently revolutionary character of capitalism

United States: An ‘all hands on deck’ moment–Sixty six old new leftists urge support for Joe Biden

Paul Le Blanc

I have decided to support eco-socialist Howie Hawkins, Green Party candidate, so that I will be able to campaign for something I believe in during the upcoming electoral season. Others may think other choices make sense. But for me, this divergence is not the “bottom-line.”

Corporate America Is Getting a Bailout. Its Workers Are Getting Screwed.

Luke Savage

The coronavirus pandemic may be global in scale, but its material impact on ordinary workers thus far has varied widely from one country to another — as has the relief offered by national governments when it comes to the lost wages and potential layoffs.


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