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Why Do We Even Need Private Banks?


Since Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, some commentators have been waking up to the need for a socialization of deposit-taking banking. They’re right — but the same logic leads to a more radical conclusion: a fully socialized capital market, with no private banks.

"White Malice: The CIA and the Recolonization of Africa" by Susan Williams: A Review Essay

Kim Scipes

Africa has long been looked at by outsiders as a continnent that is hopelessly mired in corruption and incapable of social and economic development.  This especially pertains to sub-Saharan Africa, overwhelmingly populated by black people, thus fitting the trope of white supremists that black people cannot govern themselves.

This book by Susan Williams annihilates the lie.  Williams details the impact of stealing millions of people for enslavement, the subsequent colonization of the continent by Western European powers and then, after the decolonization of a number of these countries, the recolonization of the continent by the United States operating explicity albeit covertly through its Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The Long Arm of Washington Extends Into Africa’s Sahel

Vijay Prashad

Northeast of Niger’s capital Niamey, near the city of Agadez, is Air Base 201, one of the world’s largest drone bases that is home to several armed MQ-9 Reapers. During a press conference with Blinken, Niger Foreign Minister Hassoumi Massoudou affirmed his country’s “military cooperation” with the United States, which includes the US “equipping… our armed forces, for our army and our air force and intelligence.” Neither Blinken nor Massoudou spoke about Air Base 201, from where the United States monitors the Sahel region, trains Niger’s military, and provides air support for US ground operations in the region (all of this made clear during the visit by Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne S.

Philippines: Continuity of Violence

Alex de Jong

IN 1986, MASS protest overthrew Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Thirty-six years later, his son was elected president. The 2022 elections have crowned a decades-long project aimed at returning the Marcos dynasty to power and shown the support for Rodrigo Duterte’s authoritarianism.


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