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Corporate America Is Getting a Bailout. Its Workers Are Getting Screwed.

Luke Savage

The coronavirus pandemic may be global in scale, but its material impact on ordinary workers thus far has varied widely from one country to another — as has the relief offered by national governments when it comes to the lost wages and potential layoffs.

Late-stage imperial omni-crisis: Death by virus and internal contradictions

Glen Ford

The nation that considers itself to be the apex of capitalist achievement on planet Earth turns out to have no health care system worthy of the name–a testament to the sucking moral vacuum at America’s imperial, white settler colony core. A lowly virus–a form of being that exists at the very border between “life” and “not-life”–has revealed the world’s superpower as butt-naked and very much afraid.

Fear pervades Black politics, and makes us agents of our own oppression

Glen Ford

It has always been clear to Black Agenda Report that the post-Sixties betrayals of the Black Misleadership Class necessitated that a future Black liberation movement must be largely an internal Black struggle to uproot the corrupted elements in our polity. False unity has become Black folks’ Achilles Heel, allowing Black charlatans free rein in our communities and reserving most elected positions for servants of Capital. The Democratic Party is a predatory edifice of Black disempowerment, from which our people must either free themselves, or become agents of their own perpetual oppression and accomplices in the degradation of humanity, worldwide.

The Dramatic Fall of Chile as Latin America’s Neoliberal Role Model

Ariela Ruiz Caro

After the outbreak of the most intense and massive social protests ever recorded in the history of Chile, on November 16 the government and most political parties signed an agreement to restore peace and public order and initiate a process to draft a new constitution.

The protests, triggered by the rise in subway fares on Oct. 18, called into question the supposed Chilean success story of the neoliberal economic model implemented in the country during the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet (1973-1989). Developed by the so-called Chicago Boys, successive administrations since the 1990 return to democracy in 1990 sustained the model as state policy.


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