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Less of What We Don't Need

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18 theses on Marxism and animal liberation

Bündnis Marxismus

Marxism and the liberation of animals are two things which, at first glance, do not seem to have much in common. Neither did the former make waves for being particularly animal-loving, nor are animal lovers known for taking up the cause of liberating the working class and the construction of a socialist society.

Pulling the magical lever : A critical analysis of techno-utopian imaginaries

Rut Elliot Blomqvist

A systemic critique of 'luxury communism' & other recent techno-utopias, both liberal and nominally leftist ones, from the leading-edge Uneven Earth blog.

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline’s Entangled Hierarchies of Power

Alycee Lane

Lately I’ve been struck by a picture of Melinda Tillies, a Louisiana homeowner recently featured in an article by Julie Dermansky in DeSmogBlog.* Tillies is standing in front of her house. In the background (not more than “25 feet away”) is a crane, its arm lifted, ready to plunge into the earth.

Tillies looks into the camera. She appears at once angry, fed-up, resigned, and defiant.

A Short History ofthe Costs of Military Air Shows- Squandering the Planet’s Increasingly Scarce Fossil Fuels for our Amusement

Dr Gary G Kohls

Pilots from the US Department of the Navy returned from World War II flush with pride at winning the war in the Pacific. So, in 1946,the Navy established a base of naval air operations on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico where the Blue Angels began doing air showsfor the public, partly for recruiting future pilots and partly for raising unit morale.

Within a few years the US Air Force established a base in Texas, where the first USAF Thunderbird team began doing air shows in 1953.


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