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Less of What We Don't Need

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George Monbiot Teams Up With Mark Lynas and the Ecomodernists to Reboot Food

Jonathan Matthews

Guardian columnist George Monbiot, whose support for nuclear power has been an issue in UK climate circles for several years, has now apparently joined forces with Mark Lynas, the UK's leading "ecomodernist," in a campaign to lift regulations on GMOs and gene editing.  Their new effort is also opposing the UK's 24% organic farming targets, and promoting a future where 90% of people live in cities.

Why the Feared Wave of Solar Panel Waste May Be Smaller and Arrive Later Than We Expected

Dan Gearino

New research suggests that the effective lifespan of solar panels may have risen to double what was once estimated, in the range of 40-50 years. That gives manufacturers more time to perfect methods for recycling materials, which still lags behind.


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