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Despite Scrapping TPP, Donald Trump Is a Dedicated Free Trader

Jack Rasmus

Less than a week after assuming office, President Donald Trump signed an executive order abandoning the 12 nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement negotiated by former President Barack Obama, but not yet ratified by the U.S. Congress. He then quickly attacked Mexico — abruptly cut short a phone conversation with Mexico’s President Peña Nieto, canceled a meeting with Peña Nieto after demanding Mexico pay for a wall on the U.S. border and threatened to impose a 20 percent border tax on goods exported to the United States based on the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Congress Must Kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Jim Goodman

(The TPP from the point of view of a Wisconsin organic dairy/beef farmer. Short and to-the-point.)

Trade is good, but “Free Trade” doesn’t work for farmers
or workers or most everyone else.

Free trade does, however,work spectacularly well for corporations...

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