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Radicals Stop Hiding: Support The Uhuru Movement Against FBI Repression

UC Workers/Union Against State Violence

On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, the dominant corporal expression of white power in the world, known collectively as the United States of America, made a formal declaration of war against one important expression of the collective will of Africa and African people to be free when it attacked three members of the Uhuru Movement. (...)

While many people have rushed to the defense of the Uhuru Movement and pointed out that it is not a crime to sow dissent inside the U.S., the reality is different. If you are African, it is illegal. It is simply not always articulated in the form most useful to the bourgeoisie in a given moment. But when it drafted a thirty-seven-page indictment accusing the Uhuru Movement of being foreign agents of Russia, the U.S. had formally codified into law its standing declaration that it is against the law for black people to dissent. It then used this newly codified status to legitimize a violent media assault and military attack on their homes and offices. (...)

It is not just African freedom activists who receive the wrath of the U.S. government. The entire African nation is forever at war, even if we are not completely aware of it. Indeed, it is the very nature of colonialism to obscure the war it makes against Africa and African people. 


The white colonizer nation must force-feed us an unending diet of total propaganda, a diet which must become a regular feature of black life. This constant diet of propaganda is the only way the deplorable conditions of black people can be explained without concluding that the U.S. government must be waging an overt or covert war on us. The Uhuru Movement has forced the U.S. government to reveal the existence of this war in no uncertain terms. (...)