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For Murdered Honduran Organizer Berta Cáceres, “Any Injustice Was Her Battle”

Hilary Goodfriend

Berta Cáceres was murdered on March 2, 2016. (Photo by Goldman Environmental Prize)

HG: One of the arguments at the heart of your book is that Berta’s murder, and the social and ecological destruction in resource-rich areas like the Bajo Aguán, is the consequence of the insatiable demand for energy in major economies like the U.S. and what we might call “green capitalism,” or the free market expansion into so-called renewable energy industries, whether it’s biofuels from African palm plantations or hydroelectric power from river dams like the Agua Zarca... That’s why Berta opposed Plan Puebla Panamá, for example, from the very beginning. She knew these projects would be death sentences, literally and metaphorically; if you take away a community’s river, the community cannot survive... Berta wasn’t against green energy projects. She was against having any project imposed on a community without consultation and without proper compensation.