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Media Hide Fascist Ideology Of Ukrainian Militia Who Visit Congress

Moon of Alabama

Western’ media continue todenazify Ukraineby pretending that the Nazi formations in that country, which they had long decried, are now a harmless collection of celebrities. 'Among the 215 Ukrainian prisoners of war released in the exchange were 108 members of the Azov Battalion.' ... It was easy to findsome 40 storiesin main stream media which between 2014 and April 2022 which critically discussed the ‘controversial’ Nazi ideology of Azov and other Ukrainian militia. Then the coverage abruptly changed turning those fascist groups into harmless patriots.“The American Left is openly aligning itself with Nazis while painting its domestic political opposition as Nazis who present a danger to democracy,” Sean Adl-Tabatabai noted in a Sept. 27News Punch analysis.  Just three years ago, 40 U.S. senatorssigned a letterdemanding that the Azov Battalion be added to a list of terrorist organizations. … When it was reported that the Azov Battalion was in the thick of the fight against Russia’s invasion this year, however, Democrats and their legacy media allies treated them more as heroes than terrorists.