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Elections in Ecuador Unmask Western Media Dishonesty

Joe Emersberger

Correa’s real crimes, in the eyes of Ecuador’s elite, are breaking with both neoliberalism and Ecuador’s traditional subservience to Washington... He dramatically increased financial regulation and tax collection... Under Correa’s leadership, poverty fell by almost half.  By 2015, the efficiency of Ecuador’s public services, according to the Inter-American Development Bank, improved dramatically compared to other countries in the Americas. Studies by the U.N. found that the quality of Ecuador’s educational system was, by 2016, one of the most improved.   Ecuador experienced a dramatic and unprecedented two-thirds reduction in its homicide rate during Correa’s years in office (January 2007- May 2017). The homicide rate then increased, just as dramatically, after Correa left office and rightwing governments took over. If the graph above is updated for 2022, it would be even more dramatic; the homicide rate increased to 25.9 per 100,000 in 2022 according to InSight Crime – a historic high for Ecuador.  The graph, which shows which president was in office during each year,  was cited by Ecuadorian economist and political analyst David Villamar. The data comes from various official sources in Ecuador. World Bank data shows a similar story.