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Door by Door the Cuban Government Delivers Immune Boosting Medicine to the People

Susana Hurlich

Medical Student going door to door. Photo: Abel Padrón Padilla

Hola from Havana. This morning at 7am, I took the first dose of the homeopathic medication ProvengHo-Vir that the Cuban health system is distributing. Late yesterday afternoon, atabout 5pm, Dr. Yaisen, one of the three doctors working at our local family doctor clinic located some two blocks from my home, came by the house to give me the small 10 mL plastic bottle of ProvengHo-Vir and to explain how to use it.

The day before (Tuesday), there was meetings around the country, usually held at the local polyclinic that has a number of family doctor “consultorios” (local doctor’s offices) under them, to explain the distribution process.

PrevengHo-Vir is NOT a vaccine, but only an additional protection to help reinforce one’s immune system.