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COVID-19 Pandemic And Planet of the Humans’ Protests: Both Terrifying Realities

Jerome Irwin

The first of two terrifying realities rush to mind when one stops long enough to consider what the underlying revealed human and environmental truths, realities, causes and hypocrisy’s are of the COVID-19 PANDEMIC, and what those who variously argue how to resolve it have to say about the future of not only human life but the survival of all lifeforms upon the planet and what other horrors these revelations suggest may still yet come to pass in the future.

The second terrifying reality is what all the naivety, ignorance, misunderstanding and hypocrisy is about what lies and truths exist behind such protests and longings, especially once one has viewed the filmPlanet of the Humans,co-produced by Jeff Gibbs, Ozzie Zehner and Michael Moore. Many critics of the film refer to it as a dystopian, Malthusian view of the future where population increases at a faster rate than the means of subsistence and available natural materials of the earth to support it. The film’s meta-message is that whether one is using renewable or fossil fuel energies, if left unchecked by sane human limits, the forces of widespread disease, famine, poverty and social degradation will naturally increase at an ever-faster, fatal rate.