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An African View On Ukraine

Jacqueline Luqman

When the African people were fighting for their independence for their liberation, those who are condemning Russia today, we are not with them [then]. But they never took our side. They took the side of the colonialists. They took the side of the side of apartheid, they took their side of racist superiority against the forces of liberation, African liberation. We’ll never forget that. They want us to forget that, but it’s not easy to forget that. Because it’s not very long ago. Zimbabwe only became independent in 1980. Namibia only became independent in 1990. This is not very long ago, in terms of historical processes. We know who stood with the apartheid regime in South Africa. We know who stood with the racist regime in Rhodesia, now, Zimbabwe. We know who sided with the colonialists in Angola, in Mozambique, in the Cape Verde.  So the African people have a sense of history as well. It’s not possible for Africans to condemn Russia... Russia has never taken control of any African country.