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02/09/2020 - 4:59pm
By Ellen Brown

While U.S. advocates and local politicians struggle to get their first public banks chartered, Mexico’s new president has begun construction on 2,700 branches of a government-owned bank to be completed in 2021, when it will be the largest bank in the country. At a press conference on Jan. 6, he said the neoliberal model had failed; private banks were not serving the poor and people outside the cities, so the government had to step in.


02/09/2020 - 4:50pm
By R. Burke

2019 was the 100th year anniversary of the publication of the first surrealist text, The Magnetic Fields by Andre Breton and Phillipe Soupault. As we approach the centennial anniversary of the publication of Breton’s Manifesto of Surrealism in 1924 it is fitting that we have a statement by a long-time participant of the surrealist movement. Penelope Rosemont provides this for us in her newest work Surrealism: Inside the Magnetic Fields.

Along with her husband Franklin, Ms. Rosemont was one of the founders of the Chicago Surrealist Group,...

02/04/2020 - 6:04pm
By Henry Robertson

It seems like everybody is waiting for government to take the lead in stopping climate breakdown. Government has the power to act on that scale. Government is being slow to act, possibly because it’s in the pockets of oil and gas interests. Politicians love development, which means money, jobs, votes — and fossil fuels....

02/04/2020 - 4:39pm
By Charles Posa McFadden and Karen Howell McFadden

 The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House” - Audre Lorde

So long as capitalism dominates, there is no escaping its unrelenting assault on rational and humane cultural values and practices, most prominently today in the form of the consumerism purveyed in every media by commercial advertising. 

Even worse is the pervasive example of many of capitalism’s leading representatives, teaching through their demeanour and authoritarian delusions their commitment to hierarchical and exploitative order.   

And when all else fails,...

01/26/2020 - 10:25am
By Harvey Wasserman
Despite the corporate hype, Democratic Socialism and Social Democracy are deeply rooted in the mainstream of our nation’s history.
The lie that they’re “foreign ideologies” starts with the fascist assault Woodrow Wilson waged against them during and after World War 1.  
Their marginalization today by...
01/18/2020 - 3:20pm
By Robert Hunziker

The northern continental shelves of Russia, inclusive of the Barents Sea, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea and East Siberian Sea (ESAS) are some of the least researched yet most controversial subjects in climate science today. It’s the one region that has the biggest potential to trigger runaway global warming because of sizeable subsea methane deposits, thereby taking civilization down to its knees. But, that prospect is also extremely controversial within the scientific community. 

Scientific opinion runs the gamut: (1) high-risk methane bursts will bury civilization with runaway global...

01/16/2020 - 4:57pm
By Green Party of St. Louis

n August 10-11, 2019 Green Party members in St. Louis joined others from across the state to hear from the leading contenders for the party’s nomination for President: Dennis Lambert, Dario Hunter, David Rolde, and Howie Hawkins. All had a very clear understanding that it would be futile to support a Democrat, because, even though they often use sweet-sounding words, once they are in office their actions have little, if any, difference from Republicans.

The four GP candidates who came to Missouri are all progressives with very few political disagreements between them. But Dario...

01/13/2020 - 4:28pm
By Charles Posa McFadden and Karen Howell McFadden

“Capitalism’s War on the Earth”: The existential challenge of a moribund socio-economic system

“…capitalism has remained essentially … what it was from the beginning: an enormous engine for the ceaseless accumulation of capital, propelled by the competitive drive of individuals and groups seeking their own self-interest in the form of private gain. Such a system recognizes no absolute limits to its own advance. The race to accumulate, the real meaning of economic growth under capitalism, is endless.” - John Bellamy Foster, Brett Clark, and Richard York (...

01/11/2020 - 12:15pm
By Ellen Brown

Although the repo market is little known to most people, it is a $1-trillion-a-day credit machine, in which not just banks but hedge funds and other “shadow banks” borrow to finance their trades. Under the Federal Reserve Act, the central bank’s lending window is open only to licensed depository banks; but the Fed is now pouring billions of dollars into the repo (repurchase agreements) market, in effect making risk-free loans to speculators at less than 2%.

This does not serve the real economy, in which products, services and jobs are created. However, the Fed is trapped into this...

01/10/2020 - 7:04pm
By Robert Hunziker

Throughout the world, mega droughts are hitting hard with a ferocity not seen in decades and in some cases not seen in centuries. It’s not merely coincidental that as global warming accelerates droughts turn more vicious than ever before. All of which begs the logical question of when will world leaders wake up with a unified plan of action to mitigate carbon emissions, or is it already too late?

Nobody knows for sure if and when it is too late, but the evidence is crystal clear that extraordinarily powerful droughts are decimating regions of the planet like there’s no tomorrow....

01/09/2020 - 1:38pm
By Bahar Bastani, M.D.

The tension between Iran and the west goes back to the joint U.S.-British coup against the democratically elected Dr. Mossadegh, the memorable prime minister of Iran who nationalized Iran’s oil industry, in 1953. Following the Islamic revolution of Iran in 1979, the exile of the last king of Iran who was considered to be a significant U.S. ally, and occupation of the U.S. embassy as a response to the U.S. meddling in the internal affairs of Iran, the U.S. government began to apply pressure on the government and people of Iran from several different angles, including freezing Iran’s assets...

01/03/2020 - 6:35pm
By Manuel García, Jr.

Following is my response to Robert Hunziker’s article “Kill GDP to Help Save the Planet,” published in Counterpunch on 2 January 2020. [1]

Robert Hunziker describes why the economic statistical measure known as GDP — Gross Domestic Product — is a deeply flawed indicator of the actual economic health and societal wellbeing of the United States, and really of any nation. As Hunziker notes, it is based purely on “the monetary value of all finished goods and services,” and as Joseph Stiglitz has shown (as pointed out by Hunziker): “The world is facing three...

12/31/2019 - 8:46am
By Charles Posa McFadden and Karen Howell McFadden

The core cultural values of a revolutionary

Scienceimaginationeducation and democracy are core values for any revolutionary movement which aims for an ecologically sustainable civilization. 

Our reference to science, of course, is to scientific inquiry and its results, not to the institutions of science as limited by capitalist rule. Likewise, our reference to education is to the learning and sharing of skills and knowledge, not educational institutions largely constrained by the...

12/28/2019 - 2:08pm
By Robert Hunziker

The Amazon rainforest is a crucial life-support ecosystem. Without its wondrous strength and power to generate hydrologic systems across the sky (as far north as Iowa), absorb and store carbon (CO2), and its miraculous life-giving endless supply of oxygen, civilization would cease to exist beyond scattered tribes, here and there. 

Sad to say, a recent scientific analysis of the health of the Amazon rainforest is downright dismal. The world’s two leading Amazon scientists, Thomas Lovejoy (George Mason University) and Carlos Nobre (University of Sao Paulo) recently reported, “Today...

12/21/2019 - 11:29am
By Robert Hunziker

Five years ago: Nations of the world met in Paris to draft a climate agreement that was subsequently accepted by nearly every country in the world, stating that global temperatures must not exceed +2C pre-industrial. Global emissions must be cut! Fossil fuel usage must be cut!

Today: Following Paris ’15, global banks have invested $1.9 trillion in fossil fuel projects.

Not only that, global governments plan to increase fossil fuels by 120% by 2030, including the US, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, Canada, and Australia.

Additionally, over that past 18 months...

12/20/2019 - 3:23pm
By Manuel García, Jr.

Ocean out west. Photo by Manuel García, Jr.

How long has science known about CO2-induced climate change, and are we clever enough today to geo-engineer our way out of cooking ourselves to extinction?

In brief: a long time, and most likely no.

Clive Thompson has written engagingly about the 19th century...

12/16/2019 - 5:17pm
By Kollibri terre Sonnenblume

Christmas tree farm in Iowa (public domain photo from USDA)

In early December in Portland I saw my first live Christmas tree of the season strapped to the top of a car. I was saddened. Not because I don’t celebrate Christmas (even though I don’t) but because the Christmas tree industry is so harmful.

In the...

12/14/2019 - 10:56am
By Ellen Brown

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan called Paul Volcker “the most effective chairman in the history of the Federal Reserve.” But while Volcker, who passed away Dec. 8 at age 92, probably did have the greatest historical impact of any Fed chairman, his legacy is, at best, controversial.

“He restored credibility to the Federal Reserve at a time it had been greatly diminished,” wrote his biographer, William Silber. Volcker’s policies led to what was called...

12/12/2019 - 6:15pm
By Manuel García, Jr., December 11, 2019

Please watch the 23-minute video, linked below, to completion. It shows an interview of Dr. Peter Carter (Director Climate Emergency Institute, IPCC expert reviewer, Co-author in 2018 of Unprecedented Crime: Climate Science Denial and Game Changers for Survival). This interview was conducted at COP25 (“this is set up to fail”) currently underway in Madrid, Spain, on 10 December 2019.

Peter Carter gives a vividly clear, trenchantly concise summary of the state of Earth’s climate; the increasing acceleration of all the phenomena that drive global warming climate change (carbon...

12/12/2019 - 4:11pm
By Charles Posa McFadden and Karen Howell McFadden

Revolutionary thoughts

Karl Marx’s (1859) Preface to a Critique of Political Economy represents one of his major contributions to human thought. It has probably been more influential than any other in the social sciences and has served as a guide to revolutionary thinkers and activists across the intervening decades. We suggest ruminating on the following passage before considering our illustrations. 

(But reader alert: a lifetime can be spent mining this dense and complex argument by Marx, rivalling in its significance Darwin’s argument...