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Table of Contents and articles for issue GST 68
Fall 2015 Less of What We Don’t Need
Front and back covers

pages names
1-12 Table of Contents
2-4 Paul Messersmith-Glavin The 25th Anniversary of the Earth Day Wall Street Action
4-6 Brentin Mock – Who Owns The Streets?
6-8 Marce Cameron – MacDonald’s In Old Havana?
8-11 Dylan Harris – A Primer on Gramsci, Culture and Climate Change
11-12 Richard Burke – Reviews: In Walt We Trust by John Marsh – How a Queer Socialist Poet Can Save America From Itself
13-16 Patrick Bond – Disconnecting the Minerals-Energy-Climate Dots
17-20 Pete Dolack – Renewable Energy Isn’t a Shortcut to Reversing Global Warming
20-24 Cory Fisher – Climate Justice: Uniting Struggles Across Latin America
24-25 Jerome Duval – Africa: How the IMF Worsens Ebola
25-29 Kollibri terre Sonnenblume – How Green Is Your Pot (Growing Marijuana)
29-32 Ian Angus – Barry Commoner and the Great Acceleration
32-34 LaVia Campesina – “Climate Smart Agriculture” Is A Dangerous Hoax
34-40 Don Fitz – The Birth of Revolutionary Medicine in Cuba

Table of Contents and articles for issue GST 67

Spring 2015 The Nevermore Economy

Front and back covers

Table of Contents

page name
2-7 Caste and Capitalism In India by Priti Cox
7-8 Police Were Created to Control Poor and Working Class People by Sam Mitrani
9-11 What If Michael Brown Had Been Armed by Arlene Eisen
11-13 Building a New World by Richard Burke (A Review of Marta Harnecker’s A World to Build; New Paths Toward Twenty-First Century Socialism)
13-19 Learning From Latin America’s Social Movements by Clifton Ross and Marcy Rein
19-21 Are Economic Growth and Social Justice Incompatible? by Jason Hickel and Alnoor Ladha
21-27 An Interview With Staughton Lynd by Andy Piascik and Staughton Lynd
27-31 Wishful Thinking About Natural Gas by Naomi Oreskes
32-34 What Will It Take To Go Beyond “Extractivism” by Federico Fuentes
35-39 Beyond Lithium (and Other Poisons) by Don Fitz
41-43 On Guar Beans and Fracking Giants by Joyce Nelson [Note: see original article]
43-44 What Cuba Can Teach The World About Disease Control by Conner Gorry
44-45 A Review of Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything by Kim Scipes
46-48 Ebola Crisis – Cuba Shows the World How It Is Done by Rupen Savoulian
Inside Front Cover Why Green Capitalsm Will Fail by Pete Dolack

Table of Contents and articles for issue GST 66

Spring 2015 Production of Destruction

Front cover

Table of Contents

page name
2-5 Toward the Agro-Police State by Carmello Ruiz Marrero
5-7 Borneo’s Killer Dams by Amanda Stephenson
7-13 Why Large Fires Are an Ecological Necessity by Monica Bond
14-16 Save the World – Really? by Elliot Sperber
16-18 Afterthoughts on Piketty’s Capital by David Harvey
18-20 Promises and Limitations of Revolutionary Change in Bolivia by Marc Becker
20-25 Eco-Localism: A Constructive Critique by Robin Hahnel
26-29 Shadow Socialism in the Age of Environmental Crisis by Christian Parenti
30-33 Think “Peak Oil” is a Discredited Idea? by Michael T. Klare
33-34 Why We Need An Immediate Moratorium on Gold Mining by Eduardo Gudynas
35-38 Remembering the Officially Deleted Dr. King by Paul Street
38-42 AFRICOM Goes to War on the Sly by Nick Turse
42-47 Third Wave Corporatocracy by Don Fitz
47-48 Cricket, Literature and Revolution (Review of C.L.R. James Modern Politics) by Richard Burke
Inside Front Cover Controlling Science by Don Fitz

Table of Contents and articles for issue GST 65

Fall 2014 Digging up the Future

Front cover

Table of Contents
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page name
All four covers – Front, inside front, subscriptions, back
1-6 Progressive Extractivism: Hope or Dystopia – Don Fitz
2-4 The Politics of Pachamama – Benjamin Dangl
5-7 Latin America Rejects the Extractive Model in the Streets – Raul Zibechi
8-10 Anti-extractivism Misses the Forest for the Trees – Frederico Fuentes
11-17 A Progressive Case to “Drill Baby, Drill!” in Ecuador – Christian Tym
18-20 Mexico’s Looming Fracking and Offshore Oil and Gas Bonanza – Steve Horn
20-21 Globalization: Ideology and Reality – Richard Burke (a review of Capitalist Globalization by Hart-Landsberg)
22-23 Cuba’s Reforms Create Low Wage Sponge – Kevin Edmunds
23-27 Worse than Walmart – Simon Head
27-28 Localism? Don’t Buy It – Stan Cox
29-30 The Nuclear Omnicide – Harvey Wasserman
30-32 A Marxist View of Ecology and Human History – Simon Butler (Review of Land and Labour by Empson)
32-33 Princeton University Confronts Meningitis Epidemic Preventable in Cuba – W.T. Whitney
33-36 Is A Green Energy Revolution on the Global Agenda – Michael Klare
37-39 Farther to Fall – Henry Robertson
39-48 (end) How Green is the Green New Deal? – Don Fitz

Table of Contents and articles for issue GST 64

Spring 2014         Growth vs. Survival

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page name
 — Front cover
ifc Rapping About Land Rights and Revolution in Panama – Beverly Bell and Tory Field
2-5 Public Banking in Costa Rica – Ellen Brown
5-6 A Garment Worker in Bangladesh Speaks Out – Stephanie McMillan
7-8 Stand Up For Basic Income As A Human Right – G. S. Evans
9-11 Mondragon and the System Problem – Gar Alperovitz and Thomas M. Hanna
11-12 How Economic Growth Has Become Anti-life – Vandana Shiva
12-14  My Years At Walmart – Patrick Snipes
16-17 Is King Environmentalism Wearing No Green Clothes – Don Fitz (a review of Green Ilusions by Ozzie Zehner)
18-20 The Brief Tragic Reign of Consumerism – Richard Heinberg
21-23 Climate Scientists Demand Radical Change – Renfrey Clarke
24-27 Freedom According to the Zapatistas – Raul Zibechi
28-31 Development: Their Way and Ours – Ted Trainer
31-34 Seychelles: A Successful Socialist Country With Terrible PR – Andre Vitchek
35-38 Don’t For A Second Imagine We’re Heading For An Era of Renewable Energy – Michael Klare
39-40 The Climate Movement Needs to Stop “Winning” – Maya Lemon
40-41 The Conductor and the Conducted – Richard Burke (A Review of Contradictions of Real Socialism by Michael Lebowitz)
42-44 Who Should You Believe When It Comes To the Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods – Jill Richardson
44-48 Technology Meteors – Larry Lohman and Nicholas Hildyard
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Table of Contents and articles for issue GST 63

Winter 2014         Politics of Existence

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page name
Front and back covers (See this for subscriptions)
ifc Defend Against Natural Disasters? Stop Making Them (First part) – (inside front cover) – Stan Cox
38-39 Defend Against etc. (Second part, continued) – (scroll forward) – Stan Cox
2-5 Life After the Exit Ramp (scroll forward one page) – Stan Cox
5-10 Why We Need an Ecosocialist Revolution (scroll forward) – Ian Angus
11-13 The Struggle For Egypt (scroll forward) – Joseph Massad
14-18 Venezuela’s 21st Century Socialism: Neo-developmentalism or Radical Alternative – Frederico Fuentes
18-22 Thinking of Joining the ISO? (scroll forward) – Pham Binh
22-23 History Rebooted (scroll forward) – Richard Burke
24-26 Recovering the Future (scroll forward) – Bob Spivey
27-28 Marxists Need to Return to Marx’s Ecological Critique – Simon Butler
29-31 Cuba’s Other Revolution (scroll forward) – Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
32-33 Over the Water of the Nile (scroll forward) – Sasha Ross
33-39 Oil, Energy and Capitalism (scroll forward) – Barry Commoner
40-41 Fight Wage Theft With Direct Action – Aaron Giesa and Kari Koch
42-43 What We Could Do With A Postal Savings Bank (scroll forward) – Ellen Brown
44-46 Ours Is A Shared Struggle For A Just Transition Toward A New Economy (scroll forward) – Climate Justice Alliance
47-48 (end) BRICS Lessons From Mozambique (scroll forward) – Bobby Peek

Table of Contents and articles for issue S/R 62


Fall 2013 Work Less Live More

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page name
Front and back covers (See this for subscriptions)
2-4 The Death of Peasant Farming In Argentina – Hugh Davies
4-6 We Don’t Need Genetically Engineered Bananas – Vandana Shiva
6-9 The New “Golden Age Of Oil” That Wasn’t – Michael Klare
9-14 Agriculture, Conservation and Food Sovereignty – Ian Angus
14-16 Bolivia: Struggle For The Right To Collectively Own Land – Maria Belen Choque
16-19 A Daylight Robbery in Ethiopia – Obang Metho
19-21 Honduras OKs Plan for Private Cities – Kari Lydersen
21-26 A Big Victory For Labor in Mexico – Jane Slaughter
26-30 Should We Ration Consumption or Ration Production – Don Fitz
30-31 Why Small Scale Alternatives Won’t Change the World – Michael Ware
32-33 New Cuba – Keith Harrington
33-37 Winner Takes All – Ellen Brown
37-40 A Deep Green Alternative – The Green Party
40-42 Bradley Manning and the Appalling Silence of Gay, Inc. – Andy Thayer
42-43 Dangerous Visions – A review of The Year of Dreaming Dangerously by Slavoj Žižek – Richard Burke
44-49 (end) The Faux Zero Waste Movement is Spreading – Paul Palmer

Table of Contents and articles for issue S/R 61


Spring 2013              Alternative to More

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page name
Front Cover FrontCover
Back Cover BackCover (See this for subscription address)
Back issues orders Order List Page
Inside Front Cover View
2 There’s No Getting Around the R-Word – Stan Cox
4-7 How Guatemala’s “War on Drugs” Is Being Used as a Front to Clear Land For Oil Companies – Dawn Paley
8-11 Is 350’s Carbon Divestment Campaign Complete – Christian Parenti
11-16 Reducing Production: An Unfolding Goal – Don Fitz
16-20 Product Redesign, E-waste and Nigerian Burning – Paul Palmer
21-22 For a Class Struggle Approach to Climate Change and Energy Transition – Karl Cloete (NUMSA)
23-24 The Carbon Credit Hoax – Rob Urie
25-29 Land Grabbing: A New Colonialism – Alan Broughton
29-33 How Rural America Got Fracked – Ellen Cantarow
34-37 Retail Rebellion – Brian Tierney
37-40 We Call This Progress – Arundhati Roy
40-43 How To Save The Postal Service – Ellen Brown
43-45 Learning From One of the Best of the 1960’s – 70’s – 80’s Political Organization – Kim Scipes
45-48 When Big Energy Triumphed – G. S. Evans
48-49 Parable of Smoke (poem) – Henry Robertson

1. Table of Contents and articles for issue S/R 60 Winter 2013             Growth is Plunder

Table of Contents (use back arrow to return)

page name
Front cover SR60Publishing Information
ifc Against Miserablism pt. 1(inside front cover), Against Miserablism Part 2– Richard Burke
2 We Grow Enough Food But Still Can’t End Hunger – Eric Holt-Gimenez
3 The Politics of Bread in Egyptt – Stan Cox
5 Rio+20 Farmers Mobilize Against Green Capitalism – La Via Campesina
9 Vavilov’s Achievement – Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
14 Occupy Monsanto, Occupy the Dialectic – Don Fitz
21 Did Organized Money Defeat Organized Labor – Barry Finger
23 A Critique of Jacobson’s and Delucchi’s Proposals For a World Renewable Energy Supply – Ted Trainer
29 Obama’s Scramble For Africa – Nick Turse
33 Latin America Moves Left and Forward – Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
36 Sustainable Colonialism in the Boreal Forest – Russ McSpadden
33 Oil, Energy and Capitalism (scroll forward) – Barry Commoner
40 Inside the Psyche of the 1% – Don Fitz
46-47 Mr. 1%    and Alternative Future  (two poems) – Henry Robertson

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2. Table of Contents for issue S/R 59

Fall 2012                 Looters and Savers

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page                   name
Front Cover
ifc  Small Is Bountiful pt. 1 (inside front cover), Part 2 (scroll to end)  – Henry Robertson
2    The Americans Take What They Want From Haiti – Even Near Extinct Lizards – Dady Chery
4   Med School Classes Canceled in Havanaa – Don Fitz
7   Why Fukushima Is A Greater Disaster Than Chernobyl – Robert Alvarez
9   An Agrarian Progressive: Henry A. Wallace – Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
15   Eat, Sleep, Click. The Bicycle Powered Internet – Jane Anne Morris
19   The New Global Medicine – Don Fitz
27   Timor’s Oil: Blessing Or Curse – Guteriano Neves
29   E-Waste Recycling Is Deceptive (Scroll down) – Paul Palmer
32   Ghosts of Ghorz (a review) – R. Burke
33   Chicago Spring: NATO and the 1% vs. the 99% – Kim Scipes
38   India and China Scramble for Africa – Jemima Pierre
39  Social Movements That Reimagined Argentina – Francesca Fiorentini
43   “Obama Care,” the Constitution, and Democracy: The Heart of the Matter – Jane Anne Morris

The Fukushima Warning

Table of contents (use back arrow to return)

page                name
Cover Front Cover
Inside Front Cover Inside Front Cover
ifc Nuclear Means Catastrophe – David Tanuro (Part One) (Part Two)
2 The Deep Green Meaning of Fukushima – Don Fitz
7 Why Nuclear Power Must Go – Chris Williams
10 The World’s First Permanent Nuclear Waste Repository – Jenny McBride
11 Sea Level Rise Brings Added Risks To Coastal Nuclear Plants – Alyson Kenward
14 It’s Always Too Soon For Nuclear Power and Already Too Late – Stan Cox
18 Why Nuclear Power Will Never Be Safe – Karl Grossman
22 The Techno-Fantasies of Evo Morales – Chellis Glendinning
24 Energy, Sustainability and the Left – Ted Trainer
28 The Case For On-full Departure – Paul Palmer
31 Counter-intuition 101 – Juliet Schor
32 The “Wonderful Story” that Never Happened – Patrick Bond
35 Cars and Capitalism – Yves Engler
36 In Defense of Planning in the Eco-state – Mark Jablonowski
39 Hubris Punished: Japan as Nuclear State – Gavan McCormack
43 Race, Racism, Xenophobia and Migration – Bill Fletcher
46 Socialism or Barbarism – R. Burke
48 Look To Congress For Supreme Court Fix – Jane Anne Morris

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