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By Don Fitz / 12 December 2016

Attack on St. Louis Homeless Foreshadows Things to Come by Don Fitz  The sub-freezing temperature was dropping.  As the snow began to fall, many felt their hands were too cold to hold signs during the December 17 action.  Two dozen had answered the Green Party call to picket the mayor of St. Louis for his efforts to close down New Life Evangelistic Center, the city's homeless “shelter-of-last-resort.”  They knew things would be much worse for those forced to sleep in... Read more
By R. Burke / 12 December 2016
The Socialist Imperative In recent years Michael A Lebowitz, a writer associated with the Monthly Review current of socialist thought, has produced a number of books regarding practical matters involved with the building of socialism. In The Socialist Alternative he discussed the concept of the elementary triangle of socialism: social ownership of the means of production, production organized by workers councils, and production planned to meet communal needs. The Contradictions of Real... Read more
By Stan Cox / 12 December 2016
On December 5, former vice president Al Gore met with Donald and Ivanka Trump in an effort to convince the president-elect that he should not gut federal policies and agreements dealing with climate change. Three days later, actor Leonardo DiCaprio also paid the Trump duo a visit, urging them to help build a green, climate-friendly economy with lots of jobs. The two men could not have done less to prevent climate catastrophe if they had flown up to Alaska together and asked the glaciers to... Read more
By Kim Scipes / 12 December 2016
“Houston, we’ve had a problem here”:  A Bold, “Outside of the Box” Suggestion for Addressing Climate Change and other Forms of Environmental Destruction By Kim Scipes During the Apollo 13 space flight in 1970, US astronaut Jack Swigert spoke to the command center in Houston, Texas, indicating a “slight problem” for the three astronauts—actually their lives were in jeopardy—and although changed somewhat for a movie, it is used here as an understated response to a severe situation.  It is... Read more


More Reading Recommended by GST

By Slavoj Zizek / 1 January 2017
Slavoj Zizek reminds us that being "responsible consumers" will not prevent ecological catastrophe.
By Ashish Kothari / 1 January 2017
Is degrowth, or the reduction of material and energy uses for human use, a valid and viable strategy for the Global South, i.e. countries and populations that have not reached an excessive or even acceptable level of prosperity? Perhaps not. What is needed is for these regions to find their own home-grown visions and pathways of change. Ecoswaraj or radical ecological democracy (RED) is emerging... Read more
By Richard D. Wolff / 1 January 2017
Economist Richard Wolff argues that capitalism is to blame for the inequality & instability that threatens society. He proposes an alternative based on workers cooperatives as the solution. 
By Sam Gindin / 12 December 2016
Sam Gindin thinks that the Sanders campaign signals that the conditions are right for building a successful socialist movement. To do this the socialist left will have to build a party actually capable of contesting and taking power.
By Jordy Cummings / 12 December 2016
Jody Cummings explores the allegations over Russian hacking and the US election, warning us not to fall for the propaganda of a new cold war.
By Ellen Brown / 12 December 2016
Ellen Brown examines the Italian banking crisis in a political context and makes some suggestions on how the Italian people could respond in ways that won't punish smaller depositors.
By Michael Klare / 12 December 2016
Since the '70's, "back to the 1950's" has been the rallying cry of reactionaries. Michael Klare shows us that it is the cornerstone of Trump's proposed energy policies. The 1950's may prove hard to ressurrect however.